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4 years

Four years ago today. Feels like a day. I remember most of it. You left on this day, to a better life. It’s been 4 years, in these 4 years, my only concern is that I don’t want you disappointed in me. I guess whenever I too leave, I’ll know.

Four years ago was the last time I saw your face. Last time I got to hear you speak, breath… Live.

It’s been hard, but we stuck together to get through it. I write you letters that I could only dream that you would read.

Four years ago, you called me your little princess. Four years later, I am your little princess, forever from now, I will be your little princess.

I cherish every little visit from you in my dreams. I feel as if I’m hugging you and that everything is ok. Sleep is my paradise.

I hope that you know that the things I do have a reason. I don’t want you disappointed in me for the person I have become.

I love you.

Four years ago today.

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